A Taste Of Italy ...


An admirer of the work of 17th Century Venetian artist Piero Della Francesca, restaurateur Johnney Rugovac of Woodbury has named his new restaurant Della Francesca and will soon add several pieces of the artist’s work to his dramatically appointed dining room enhanced with lovely glass-etched panels. The restaurant offers a Northern Italian Menu.​​​​​​​​​

Opened Dec. 17 Della Francesca has a Menu prepared by executive Chef Nicola Missini who complements his style with textures and flavors diners enjoy. General manager is Michael Zona.
In order to open Della Francesca, Johnney Rugovac sold his partnership in Il Molino’s in Fairfield, a restaurant he had co-owned for 10 years, in order to create his own dining experience. He also brought some of his highly-trained crew with him to his new, well-appointed Danbury restaurant.​​​​​​

After immigrating to the United States from Yugoslavia in 1978 when he was 14, Mr. Rugovac worked in high-end restaurants in Manhattan; he says he can easily handle every phase of the business, including working with Chef Missini in the kitchen when necessary.